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Vintage Rhythms Tee

Vintage Rhythms Tee


Take a nostalgic journey back with Market House Theatre’s classic design, the “Eat. Sleep. MHT. Repeat.” tee. A favorite from our design vault, it perfectly captures the day-to-day rhythm of our most dedicated theatre enthusiasts. Limited in stock, this throwback design is waiting for its encore on your stage!

Product Description

Design Features

  • Theatre Life Cycle: The phrase "Eat. Sleep. MHT. Repeat." is prominently showcased, humorously portraying the life of a true theatre lover, where Market House Theatre stands as a pivotal daily event.
  • Logo Placement: To the immediate left of the word "Repeat.", our beloved former logo is artistically placed, adding an unmistakable touch of theatre history to the design.
  • Signature Font: Spanning across the bottom in all its splendor is "Market House Theatre", written in our distinctive brand font, bringing authenticity and brand recognition to the design.

Shirt Details

  • Color: Classic White - A neutral backdrop making the black design elements pop, ensuring the tee's message and aesthetic shine through.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality cotton, this shirt guarantees softness, comfort, and durability, making it suitable for any occasion.
  • Fit: This vintage piece sports a unisex design, ensuring a great fit for all theatre aficionados.

Wearing Occasions

From theatre rehearsals to casual outings or themed events, this tee effortlessly resonates with the heartbeats of the Market House Theatre community.

Care Instructions

Preserve its vintage charm by machine washing cold with like colors. Turn inside out to safeguard the design and either line dry or tumble dry on low.

Collector's Item

Given its age and limited availability, this shirt serves not just as a piece of apparel, but as a tangible piece of Market House Theatre history.

Embrace the daily rhythm of theatre life and wear this timeless design with pride. Secure yours now and let the world know your passion for Market House Theatre!