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Vintage Play a Part Tee

Vintage Play a Part Tee


The  Market House Theatre white tee that’s not just a statement, but an emblem of dedication! Perfect for every member of our community who has ever taken a role, whether onstage or off.

Product Description

Design Features

  • Bold Statement: In striking black ink, the tee declares "I Play a Part at Market House Theatre", a message that resonates with pride and inclusion, representing everyone from actors to technicians to our cherished audience.
  • Innovative Logo Integration: Within the word "House", the "O" has been artfully replaced with our cherished former logo. This clever design choice pays homage to our theatre's rich past while seamlessly blending it with a contemporary aesthetic.

Shirt Details

  • Color: Pure White – Chosen for its versatility and timeless appeal, it stands out while providing a clean backdrop for the bold black design.
  • Material: Crafted from premium quality cotton, ensuring a soft and comfortable fit that's built to last.
  • Fit: A unisex silhouette guarantees this tee looks and feels great on everyone, catering to all our theatre family members.

Where to Wear

Ideal for rehearsals, community events, or casual days, this tee is a great conversation starter, igniting passion and memories about Market House Theatre.

Care Instructions

For longevity, machine wash cold with similar colors. To protect the integrity of the print, turn inside out before washing. Tumble dry low or line dry.

Celebrating Every Role

This tee recognizes and celebrates every individual's contribution to the magic of Market House Theatre. When you wear it, you’re not just representing a venue, but a family of passionate theatre enthusiasts.

Join the ensemble and proudly proclaim your part in the rich tapestry of Market House Theatre's legacy. Get your tee now!