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Vintage Neon Character Tee

Vintage Neon Character Tee


Dive into a blast from the past with Market House Theatre’s luminous “We Have Character” vintage tee. A shirt that celebrates the multifaceted nature of theatre—both in its personas and its ethos—it’s a must-have for every drama enthusiast. With its vivid design and clever wording, this limited-edition tee is as much a statement as it is a piece of theatre history.

Product Description

Design Highlights

  • Witty Wordplay: The shirt playfully declares, "We Have Character. Lots of them! (at Market House Theatre)", a nod to both the captivating roles brought to life on stage and the rich character of our theatre community.
  • Neon Brilliance: Adding to the shirt's dynamic appeal, our former logo radiates in a neon blue hue, casting a vibrant glow from behind the text and creating a stark contrast against the black fabric.
  • Positioning: The alignment of the text and the neon logo ensures readability while also allowing the shirt's message and branding to be unmistakably intertwined.

Shirt Details

  • Color: Sleek Black - Serving as the perfect canvas to make the neon blue logo and white text truly pop, providing a striking visual appeal.
  • Material: Made from top-quality cotton, the shirt offers a soft, comfortable fit while standing up to regular wear and washes.
  • Fit: This vintage gem features a universally flattering unisex cut, suitable for all members of the Market House Theatre family.

Wearing Occasions

Perfect for theatre workshops, nostalgic events, casual outings, or just to flaunt your appreciation for drama and character in a stylish manner.

Care Instructions

To preserve the vibrant design, machine wash cold with like colors. Turning the shirt inside out before washing is recommended. Tumble dry on low or opt for line drying.

Limited Vintage Edition

This design, being from a bygone era, means that each tee is not just a piece of clothing but a snippet of Market House Theatre's illustrious past.

Illuminate your love for theatre with this radiant vintage tee. Act now and wear a piece of Market House Theatre’s colorful history. Grab yours while stocks last!