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Vintage Dramatically Tee

Vintage Dramatically Tee


This tee recognizes and celebrates every individual’s contribution to the magic of Market House Theatre. When you wear it, you’re not just representing a venue, but a family of passionate theatre enthusiasts.

Join the ensemble and proudly proclaim your part in the rich tapestry of Market House Theatre’s legacy. Get your tee now!

Product Description

Design Features

  • Bold Mantra: At the forefront, the shirt proclaims "Live Life Dramatically" in a distinctive font, encapsulating the passion, flair, and essence of theatrical arts in three simple words.
  • Classic Logo: Directly beneath the phrase, our former logo emerges with nostalgic grace, evoking memories of past performances and echoing the theatre's storied history.
  • Website Detail: For newcomers or those looking to reconnect, our official website,, is neatly printed, serving as both a point of reference and an invitation to explore the ongoing magic of Market House Theatre.

Shirt Details

  • Heritage Stock: As an older design, the stock of this tee is limited. Each piece is not just a shirt but a memento of Market House Theatre’s illustrious past.
    Material: Crafted from premium-quality cotton for lasting comfort and a soft feel, perfect for theatre buffs and everyday wear alike.
    Fit: Classic unisex design ensuring it complements every ensemble and fits all body types.

Wearing Occasions

It's the perfect wear for reminiscing old shows, attending rehearsals, or simply showcasing your theatre allegiance on casual days.

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold with like colors. To ensure the design remains pristine, consider turning the shirt inside out before washing. Tumble dry on low.

Limited Availability

Given its vintage design and limited stock, this shirt is a unique collectible for theatre enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Celebrate theatre, embrace drama, and wear your passion on your sleeve (or chest!) with this iconic tee. Get yours before they're gone!