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Let’s Play at Our House Tee

Let’s Play at Our House Tee


Introducing the fresh and spirited Market House Theatre tee for 2022! Marrying the essence of our iconic theatre building with a playful sun, this t-shirt captures the warmth, energy, and welcoming nature of our theatre community. A modern celebration of the arts, it invites everyone to play, perform, and participate in our shared theatrical home.

Product Description

Design Highlights

  • Stylized Logo: Front and center is our brand-new logo, beautifully capturing the architectural elegance of the main Market House theatre building, grounding the shirt in both tradition and modernity.
  • Youthful Sun: Perched above and slightly behind the theatre building, a spirited sun sketch emanates vibrancy and joy, symbolizing the rejuvenating energy and youthful spirit Market House Theatre brings to every production and event.
  • Inviting Text: Just below, "Let's Play at Our House!" is scripted, encapsulating the communal and inclusive spirit of our theatre. It's more than a venue; it's a place of unity and shared passion.
  • Signature Branding: The design is anchored with "Market House Theatre" written across the entire bottom, ensuring the name's prominence and emphasizing our proud identity.

Shirt Details

  • Color: Timeless White – Serving as a neutral backdrop to let the vibrant design and text stand out with clarity and flair.
  • Material: Premium-quality cotton ensures a soft, comfortable wear, making this tee a favorite for both theatre events and daily outings.
  • Fit: A contemporary cut that’s universally flattering, suitable for all theatre enthusiasts.

Wearing Occasions

From workshops and performances to casual hangouts and gatherings, this tee is a conversation starter and a badge of pride for all lovers of Market House Theatre.

Care Instructions

To keep the design fresh and vibrant, machine wash cold with like colors, turning the shirt inside out before washing. For longevity, line dry or tumble dry on low.

Modern Classic

Introduced in 2022, this shirt melds the classic imagery of our esteemed theatre with a burst of new energy, making it both a timely piece and an instant classic.

Celebrate the evolving story of Market House Theatre with this fresh tee. Be part of the next act and wear your theatre love proudly. Order now and let's play at our house!