Market House Theatre
Kentucky Gives Day

The Market House Theatre is more than just your theatre – it’s a space where creativity flourishes, and our community shines.

Years of research indicate that participation in the performing arts enhances literacy, increases self-confidence, teaches teamwork and conflict resolution skills, and so much more! We don’t expect the majority of our kids will make it to Broadway (though some certainly do!), but we do expect the skills they learn here will impact them for years to come.  

Last season, we had an astonishing 1,300 on-campus class and camp enrollments, contributing to nearly 50,000 student engagements for the year.  

While program costs are offset by local grant funding, individual donations, and corporate sponsors, that may not be enough if a child’s family lacks the resources to pay a modest fee.  

Market House Theatre needs to raise $5,000 for its funding program that offers full- and partial scholarships for students who want to participate but whose families lack the financial resources to pay, and we appreciate you for underwriting some of these costs. Thank you!