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Fall 2022 Footlights

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Musical Theatre Performance Class: Disney's The Lion King KIDS

August 27 - November 20
Grades 1 - 8

Hakuna Matata! Join Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Nala and the rest of the Circle of Life characters in this thrilling adventure based on the beloved Disney film. When evil Scar and his hyena minions take over Pride Rock - it’s up to Simba and friends to come to the rescue! The lush score bursts with hilarious characters and rambunctious energy - all combining to make for an unforgettable musical experience! Cast members not actively rehearsing a scene will play skill building (and fun!) theatre games.

Meets Saturdays from August 27 - November 12 from 9 AM - 11:30 AM.  There will be some midweek rehearsals as performance dates draw closer (Nov 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, & 16) at 5:30.  Performances are November 17-20 in the Market House Theatre. Directed by April Cochran, choreography by Emi Hensel. 

Grades 7 - 12 Sessions

August 27 - October 1, 11 AM - 11:55 AM - In Good Company: Theatre Games for the Group
Learn to build trust and community with your fellow performers through games and exercises for the group. You’ll be in good company as you work as an ensemble during this six-week course.

October 15 - November 19, 11 AM - 11:55 AM - Mastering the Monologue
Whether you are preparing an audition, or you simply want to strengthen your skills as a storyteller, this class will help you find and develop material for solo performance.  We will end with a showcase of our best work.

Grades 4 - 6 Sessions

Saturdays, August 27 - October 1, 9 AM - 9:55 AM - Developing the Actor's Skills
Whether you have been on stage or not, this class is meant to take your acting skills to the next level. We will use theatre games, improv, and script work to gain confidence and ability over the course of this six-week experience.

Saturdays, October 15 - November 19, 9 AM - 9:55 AM - Make A Scene
Put your acting skills to work and engage with the many theatrical elements as we prepare a scene for performance. We will break down the text, develop the characters, and get creative in staging scenes to showcase at the end of the six-week experience.

Grades 1 - 3 Sessions

Saturdays, August 27 - October 1, 8  AM - 8:55 AM - Games for the Beginning Actor
Learn through play in this fun six-week course meant to help young actors build their skills.  Through theatre games, we will get dramatic as we work on using our bodies, voices, and imaginations to tell great stories

Saturdays, October 15 - November 19, 8 AM - 8:55 AM - Mini Performance: Stagestruck
Discover the joy of the theatre as we rehearse a dramatic retelling of the story, Stagestruck. Little Tommy is beyond excited about his class production of Peter Rabbit. Play a part in his journey as he learns all about what it means to be in a play while you continue to grow your acting skills in this heart-warming story that proves there are no small parts, only small actors.

For Our Younger Friends! Ages 4 - 6

Saturdays, August 27 - October 1, 10 AM - 10:45 AM - Stories & Play: Go Wild
Bring out your inner wild side as we play and read stories set in the animal kingdom. Your imaginations will run wild as we act out a new fierce story each week. Practice your growl, roar, and ribbit and join us for this six-week series.

Saturdays, October 15 - November 19, 10 AM - 10:45 AM - Stories & Play: Break a Leg
Explore the world of the theatre as we play and act out stories about characters with a flair for the dramatic! Use your voice, move your body, and get creative in this six-week theatrical series.

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Footlights is MHT's theatre education program for pre-school through high school! Students learn the fundamentals of theatre while playing fun games, working on productions, and building crucial life skills.  

Don't ever let cost keep you away! Scholarships are available! If you are applying for a scholarship, please do not register for the class until you hear back from our Box Office. Please call the box office at 270-444-6828, ext. 1, for more information.

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