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Footlights: A Mixed Up Fairy Tale (Grades 1-3)

The Grimm brothers are writing their stories late into the night when suddenly a terrible gust of wind flings open the door and blows the pages everywhere!  Later that night, the stories begin to intermingle in Wilhelm’s dreams.  

Cinderella’s desperately tries to get to the royal ball, but somehow she ends up at Rapunzel’s tower.  As her Fairy Godmother mistakenly sends her on to the Seven Dwarves’ cottage and Snow White’s castle, Cinderella meets loads of new friends — dwarves, bears, pigs, and witches! — all of whom are just as lost and out of place as she is!  When they all finally make their way to the ball, Cinderella finally meets her prince, and they all share a giant fairy tale party “happily” thereafter

Appropriate For: All Audiences