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Footlights: Game of Myths (Grades 6-8)

Grades 6-8

Easy staging and a highly flexible cast are just part of the delight in this award-winning one-act.  There’s also a huge dose of positive energy as the Greek gods learn that the Cloud Throne is up for grabs, with Zeus declaring the coveted throne will go to the do-gooder who’s the most helpful, compassionate, and caring. 

What follows is a series of short scenes adapted from traditional Greek tales but told with a cheerful twist and an emphasis on magnanimity.  Aphrodite plays matchmaker for Pygmalion.  Ariadne helps Theseus to defeat the Minotaur.  Hades allows his wife, Persephone, to leave the underworld every once in a while to visit Mom.  Athena and Hermes give Perseus the confidence — and firepower — to slay Medusa.  The Muses make things right for Paris and Helen.  Even the fickle Fates act favorably toward faithful Moira! 

As all the gods gather in the final scene for an Academy Awards-style show, how will Zeus decide among so many good deeds done?  We find that old habits die hard in this fun tale of mythological creatures, mere mortals, and (mostly) good gods full of goodwill and grace.