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‘Til Death Do Us Part
by Chip Bohle

Ten years ago, Hanna and Harry Heart were married on Valentine’s Day in the lovely town of Amorville.  They are still very much in love and are the perfect couple.  Every year they host a private party on their anniversary, February 14, and invite everyone in town who also got married on February 14, the same day they married.  This fabulous soirée is held at the Mio Amore Café.  Every year the couples gather to catch up with what has been happening with each other.  However, something’s amiss this year.  Dreadful scandals have plagued most people on the Hearts’ guest list since the last time they gathered for V-Day.  As a result, many have developed severe contempt for each other.  Hanna and Harry hope everyone can put their differences aside so the can host the bash without a sliver of chaos or a flake of misfortune!

Appropriate For: Teens and Older

Warning: Sexual Content, Strong Language, Violence