Auditions & Casting


**Please check over the whole list because there are a few cast members who are double cast. 
***Please email your Stage Manager, Alex Brue, at, to accept and confirm your role in this production. 
**** Most cast members (with the exception of Harold Hill) will sing as River City Townspeople in some or all group numbers.

Harold Hill - Steven Page
Marian Paroo - Samantha Veal
Mayor Shinn - Jason McHaney
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn - April Cochran
Mrs. Paroo - Anna Tamaoka
Winthrop Paroo - Harrison Romain
Marcellus Washburn- Al Knudsen
Amaryllis - Anya Swenson
Tommy Djilas - Alex Bohannon
Zaneeta Shinn - Alayna Watkins
Gracie Sinn - Celia Veal/Eliza Veal *Celia and Eliza will both learn the Gracie Shinn track and will perform as her on alternating nights. (They are both also members of the townspeople and will be performing in all shows)
Jacey Squires - Jim Davis
Ewart Dunlop - Tony Bohannon
Olin Britt - Jack Feiler
Oliver Hix - Craig Howard
Ethel Toffelmier - Janet Bloomingburg
Alma Hix - Michele Venable
Maud Dunlop - Susann Parlor
Mrs. Squires - Alexandria Phillips
Constable Locke - Roy Hensel
Train Conductor - Craig Howard
Charlie Cowell - Jay Bennett
Traveling Salesmen - 1. Tony Bohannon
2. Amarie Smith
3. Jim Davis
4. Jack Feiler
5. Roy Hensel
Newspaper Readers - 1. Jensen Knudsen
2. Sam Lynn
3. Kate Bidwell
River City Kid - Carson Chesnut
River City Townspeople - Jack Hensel
Dagny Page
Wilson Page
Amarie Smith
Sam Lynn
Jensen Knudsen
Kate Bidwell
Hannah Huntley
Allison White