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River City Ghost Tours
Venture, if you dare, into the shadowy heart of Paducah as we unmask the chilling tales that lie beneath the surface of this historic land. We’ll traverse the haunted corners of history, drawing from a web of tales from age-old newspaper accounts, hallowed books, long-forgotten letters, and the firsthand accounts of those brave – or foolish – enough to bear witness to these eerie events.

Downtown Paducah Tours

As twilight descends upon Downtown River City, prepare to encounter spectral beings from its cryptic past: the restless specter of Morning Star Saloon, the ceaseless laughter of ghostly maidens, the haunted footprints of Popular Foot, the unsettling whispers in The First National Bank, the eerie tales of Harry Hank and Stella Cohen, the spectral presence at Maiden Alley, and the bone-chilling memories of Paducah’s witch-burning attempt and the devilish dealings of Winston.

Our haunted jaunts of Downtown Paducah Tours commence on October 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, and 21 with tours embarking on their chilling journeys at 6:15pm, 7:30pm, and 8:45pm. Additional treks into the spectral night may be added upon demand.

Oak Grove Cemetery Tours

Dare you wander into the Oak Grove Cemetery? Here, the stones whisper stories of Mannie Saunders Cobb, the unsettling echoes of Huntington Row, the spectral Civil War soldiers, the cemetery’s own haunting legends, the tragic Della Barnes, the lost soul of Reuben Saunders, and the devastating echoes of the great flood.

Our haunted jaunts of Downtown Ghost Tours commence on October 28 & 29 with tours embarking on their chilling journeys at 6:15 PM, 7:30 PM, and 8:45 PM. Additional treks into the spectral night may be added upon demand.

Tickets for this thrilling expedition into the paranormal are priced at $18 for adults and $10 for daring young explorers above the age of 8. Please note, the chilling nature of our tour may not be suitable for children under 8. Our tours are an exclusive affair, limited to only the first 10 brave souls. The ghostly trail through downtown covers an eerie 3/4-mile stretch within a haunting 5-block radius, leading us to the spectral riverfront, and lasting approximately an hour.

Heed the clock as our spectral journeys begin right on the stroke of the designated hour and are accessible by wheelchair. Rain or shine, our tours march on into the spectral twilight. Bring a jacket to fend off the chill of the night, an umbrella to ward off the elements, and comfortable shoes for the journey. We look forward to your daring presence as we uncover the spectral secrets of Paducah.