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Killer Comedy
by Chip Bohle

Immerse yourself in a night of intrigue and humor at Paducah’s Punchline Palace, where wit meets mystery. Engage in a unique comedy workshop experience that bridges the gap between jest and jesting gone awry. Savor an artfully prepared dinner as you enjoy an intoxicating blend of stand-up and improv, each comic battling not just to split your sides, but to survive the night.

Every comedian has their eyes set on delivering “Killer Comedy,” a spectacle of laughs where the stakes are as real as the humor. The question looms in the air, not ‘Who’s There?’ but ‘Who’s Next?’ In this laugh-out-loud murder mystery event, everyone shows up for the unpredictable, delightful danger that is the Punchline Palace.

Appropriate For: Teens and Older

Warning: Sexual Content, Strong Language, Violence